“The lunch was absolutely delicious! I can’t tell you in enough words how much the CEO, CFO, COO, etc. enjoyed each and every item you made for us” – HR Department, CBC Federal Credit Union ~Oxnard CA

Lesley Bryce Photography

Our range of corporate services varies from the occasional lunch meeting to daily food management as well as corporate retreats & special events. No matter the occasion, we know that upholding your company’s values & brand is our most important job. You can trust Main Course California to embody those values through our hospitality services. Through the entire supply chain – from food sourcing, preparation & professional service – Main Course California works diligently to honor our client’s mission statements. You can feel good about the catering services you’ve chosen to complement your vision.


“The principle “the best or nothing” is what makes a Mercedes-Benz. Main Course California really lives up to that and makes our events simply unique. Thank you very much, Rachel, Lindsay and Robert!” – Jörg Zwilling, Global Communications Mercedes-Benz Cars